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Being A Customer, You may have Hundreds of Queries in your Mind. We too, receive many queries everyday. Hence, We have answered the most frequent questions, here. You are definite to find an Answer to Your Question here.

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Most Frequently Asked Queries about African Mango Supplement.

Q. What is the amount of Weight that I am suppose to lose by taking African Mango Plus Dosage?

Ans. We have  Evidences of People losing 25-40 lbs in a Month. Regular Intake of African Mango Supplement prevents You from gaining those lbs back.

Q. Why should I Trust African Mango Plus? Is it Safe?

Ans. African Mango Plus is both, Herbal & Organic. It is a Natural Blend of Irvingia Gabonesis with other Safer Ingredients. You are Safe with African Mango Plus Dosage.

Q. My Metabolic Rate has Fallen. Can African Mango Supplement bring it back on track?

Ans. Yes, African Mango can. It not only Improves your Metabolic Rate, but also Boosts It.

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Q. What other Benefits can I expect with African Mango Plus?

Ans. African Mango Plus lowers levels of  “Bad” cholesterol LDL. It behaves like a Detoxifier & Cleanses your body. African Mango Plus makes you More Energetic than ever before.

Q. What amount of African Mango Plus is Recommended for Ideal Weight Loss?

Ans. African Mango Supplement comes in form of a Pill. You are expected to take 2 Pills daily. These Pills need to be taken 30 minutes prior to Meal, 1st in Morning & 2nd in the Evening.

Q. What other Efforts like exercise etc should I take for better results?

Ans. African Mango Supplement alone can help you attain your Desire Body. But Yes, You should maintain decent eating habits.

Q. Why should I Purchase African Mango Supplement at this Website?

Ans. >>You are Getting 50% Discount on the Selling Price.

>>You are getting Free Membership in Our African Mango Weight Loss Programme.

>>You are getting 90 day Money-Return Gurantee.

>> You can Track your Order Anytime, Anywhere.

>> You are Buying African Mango Supplement from Official Suppliers, at Official Website.

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Q. What is the Shipping Procedure for African Mango Plus?

Ans. All USA Orders are shipped via USPS 1st Class Mail. Orders to Other Countries like Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK, Ireland, Singapore, South Africa are Shipped via FedEx. You receive facilities to Track your Order as well.

Q. In How Many Days, Do I receive My African Mango Supplement Package?

Ans. Orders within USA take 7-11 Shipping Days. Order Outside USA take 11-20 Days. The Shipping time mainly depends on Custom Clearance.

You can also choose Rush Shipping. With Rush Shipping, Your Supplement reaches at your House in 2-4 days.

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Q. What are the Payments Options available for Purchase?

Ans. The Products at Our Official Website can be Purchased with 4 Leading Credit Cards i.e. Visa, Master Card, American Express & Discover Card. Visit Order Page for more info.

Q. Can People under Various Treatments take African Mango Supplement?

Ans. African Mango Plus is recommended for Obese and Over-Weight People. If You are under any Medication, then You must Consult your Physician, Doctor, or Dietician.

Q.  Is African Mango Plus available at Local Stores?

Ans. No, This Supplement is not available in Retail Stores and can be Purchased at Online Stores only.

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